The Evil Truth of Marine Land.

Evil truth of Marine Land.png

Tim Truth Writes: The evil of Marine Land in Niagara falls has been a documented nightmare since as early as 2014. Even Family Guy has made a video on the terrible actions of parks like Marine Land & Sea World. Below are MLA citations on the conditions of Marine Land from animal activist & News Sources.  Lily will also be looking to weigh in on this as well!

Marine land tank.jpg

Dunlop, Scott. “Crown withdraws animal cruelty charges laid by OSPCA against Marineland.” CBC. N.p., 10 Aug. 2017. Web. 10 Aug. 2017. <CBC article on Marine Land. >. Marine land issues a statement saying they have suffered “reputation damage” from “five years of baseless accusations by ill-informed, radical activists. This statement made in an article where charges of animal cruelty charges were blocked from the OSPCA directed at the park. The charges if executed would of blocked the park from owning animals, had administrators fined and possibly imprisoned. From this article what you can see is that Marine land was able to come up with a legal defense strong enough to once again avoid the reflection of their wrong doing.


Good, Kate. “EXPOSED! Marineland Canada, a Living Nightmare for Whales and Dolphins.” One Green Planet. N.p., 20 Nov. 2014. Web. 10 Aug. 2017. This article discusses the cruelty of animals such as Killer Whales, Dolphins and other mammals at Marine Land. The Killer whales environment is called being taken and put in to a bath tub prison.The article estimated that 17 orca whales, 25 beluga whales, & 25 whales that have died in captivity at Marine land. The article also puts forward an action plan in submitting negative reviews, taking to social media & advocating about the nature of the park!


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