About Voiceless in the Dark

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Pledge to Anonymous: We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!


Written by Tim Truth 

You can call us trolls, you can call us immature you can even say we need to grow up, but we are here and we are Anonymous & Voiceless. 

The majority known as the lower class is quickly losing control of North America. We see this with the rising costs of homes, Off shoring jobs  & leaders who look out for themselves

Clearly, the majority has got to think & write for themselves. Writing anonymously allows us to out bad companies, go after bad people and help the middle class. 

Who am I? Where am I? You will never know this, but I will continue to do & say whatever I want to whoever I want. I will recruit whoever I want & I will grow this movement as I must to continue to make sure North America remains the same place where fun people d!#@ around and enjoy their lives, rather than serve their superiors blindly. No one on this forum uses a real name so don’t be stupid and come looking for us. 

In the meantime check out our new social media additions. We have added a Facebook, TumblR & Google Plus today. We are looking for more possible content ideas in the weeks to come. 

Want to join the project as a Troll/Writer? Register below, 


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