Nars Sells Out

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Written by Lily Mayflower

For a long time Nars has been popular in the cruelty-free community. They are a very prestige brand with high quality products. Although they are owned by Shisedo (a non CF brand) they did not test. Recently many CF bloggers posted that this is no longer the case. Starting this fall Nars will be begin selling in stores in mainland China. This means animal testing will automatically be required.

Nars claims to still care about animal rights, which is extremely hypocritical. Nobody is forcing them to sell in China. Nars also did not make a formal announcement, although they did update their site. They know this will cost them customers.Animal testing is not only horrific, it is also not very accurate. Humans are very biologically different from rabbits. There are amazing new technologies that determine ingredient safety without harming animals. CF companies often have better formulations because of this.

Brands usually don’t end up doing as well in China as they expect. For example, Stila recently pulled out of the Chinese market after low sales. MAC also sold out to China in 2012 to the disappoint of many. At the time they were known to be a prestigious brand. Now their North American sales are not doing well and they resorted to giving out samples in Ulta. People have shared many horror stories about the customer service in MAC stores in Canada and the United States.

The best thing we can do is stop buying from Nars unless they reverse this horrible decision. This had a big impact in 2012 when Urban Decay considered selling in China. After a lot of backlash from customers, they decided not to do it and remain cruelty free to this day. Many CF bloggers have lists of fantastic alternatives for popular Nars products. The dupes are often more affordable as well, since Nars is an extremely expensive brand.

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