Cow Fan Club

We are proud to join with the Cow Fan Club. As people who encourage the Cruelty Free and Vegetarian lifestyles.  Cows are not food, they are supposed to be our friends! 

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10 minutes with Bell Mobility!

Issue: Needed lines buried & noise complaint issues.  What happened: Mis-transferred, directed to call a wrong # & dealt with rude customer service. Decided to quit with the last lady because she seemed like she had a hard day. So I decided to stop.  Character: Redneck Tim – Unintentionally A bit offensive, crazy and nosey […]

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About Voiceless in the Dark

Pledge to Anonymous: We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us! Written by Tim Truth  You can call us trolls, you can call us immature you can even say we need to grow up, but we are here and we are Anonymous & Voiceless.  The majority known as […]

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